quick update – is microsoft doing something “decent” ???

Just a quick post, I’ll do a real one later today, but I wanted to note some potentially fantastic news.

Microsoft has just announced they will be allowing end users to downgrade from Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate editions to either Windows Vista Business or Window XP Professional, and also allowing OEMs to release products with XP Professional, XP Pro Tablet, or XP Pro X64 installed, instead of Windows Vista Business or Ultimate. There’s a WHOLE shebang of legal stuff, and who knows what might be “re-interpreted” between now and actuality. There’s also the time-limit that:

Microsoft OEMs will be allowed to provide such Windows Vista downgrades until six months after Windows 7 General Availability (GA).

which is only a month or two away, so really this only lasts til the end of 2009 but, end of the day, this is a step in the correct direction. The cynic in me feels, however, that this is just a move to either avoid some anti-trust / anti-competitive type liability issues, or to attempt to PR schmooze the public, or both. And, it comes only days after the release of Vista SP2, which implies a not so great or happy uptake of the same?? Time will tell. 

source: techarp


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