another day dawns

Well, no further luck with AdSense yet (see updated blog post here), but I can only hope for a nice resolution. I’ll start up today with a couple of great links: some great quotes from the guys at dailyfailblog, and also this great video of a woman being pulled over by cops, from the guys at via dailyfailblog.  Check them!!

Had my 367 exam yesterday, it was interesting and an experience….the reviews from ohers are mixed, and it appears they basically copied the 2007 exam to use for us. It also had a large question referring to the assignment we had cancelled (they do have to submit the exams early in the semester), so that was a bit of fun discussing the results of something I didn’t do. Ah, well, it’s over now! On to studying for 373 exam.

Met Victor for coffee today, also locked in my facebook username over the weekend…. camerontwigden …. so that’s all there too. Don’t quite know what I’ll use it for, but I figured it was better to get it now, than to not be able to get it later. You can get yours by following this link [here], so do it if ya wanna!

I received the most ridiculous piece of exam stuff form uni today, due to the swine flu thing….

Students with suspected H1N1 symptoms should not attempt to sit an examination. Because the Ministry of Health advice is that persons with such symptoms not visit a doctor for confirmation, students who miss an examination because of these symptoms will not be able to apply for aegrotat consideration in the normal fashion.
Such students should advise the Examinations Office of their situation by email at [email address]. Arrangements will be made for students who are unable to sit an examination because of suspected H1N1 flu to sit their examination when they are well.

hmmmm, so from my reading of this, if a student thinks they have swine flu symptoms they can email in and be excused from their exam until they are well….with no proof whatsoever, as they are not expected to go to the doctor for a medical certificate. Is it just me, or does this open the door for widespread abuse?? If you aren’t up to speed for the exam, just claim swine flu symptoms, and you can get a couple of week extension on your study time. Hehehe, that’s just asking for trouble in my humble opinion.

Anyway, moving on, my sister’s fundraising run went brilliantly, and raised some good cash (I don’t know the final numbers yet). I helped a couple of mates on their cycle for the fundraising. Yep, I know I didn’t actually race, but I had exams on, so I did an early morning (6am) start with them and trailed them as support crew. It meant I could leap-frog ahead, then study for an hour til they went past. I’ll be reviewing my E3 stuff shortly, so tomorrow’s post will note some more cool stuff from there, and also anything wicked I may have missed from WWDC. I’m trying to scam a new phone for free at the moment, with a re-sign so I’m waiting to hear what Vodafone NZ does with deals now that iPhone 3G[S] is about to release…I’m hoping an awesome iPhone 3G [S] could be in the works to clear the old stock, and that they try to actually push back against Telecom et al. with some decent data plans and other freebie offers (Nokia E51 or E71 wouldn’t go amiss), or if they want me to rave about their phone, I’m willing to if I have one to work with (assuming it’s worth raving about! If it’s not, I’ll be returning it anyway, lol).

That’s enough for today, back to the study! Ciao

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I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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