Brisbane CBD day

Returned the car this morning, nothing exciting to report there. Lovely day today, slightly overcast, but still sunny and warm. Headed off from Hertz to walk through the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and the QUT campus, before making it onto the Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge. Stopped at Chez Laila’s for a coffee (it was one of my havens last time I was in Brisbane) and a snack. I ordered the Lebanese Breakfast, which ended up being a massive platter of breads, feta, olives, etc. Exceptional value for money, but more than two of us could finish! We then moved on around through South Bank, where half the area was currently fenced off for winter maintenance, but still beautiful wherever we could get to.

Since my last visit they’ve built The Wheel of Brisbane. It’s a ferris wheel with cable-car bulbs etc. Kinda like the London Eye, but smaller. A bit less viewing ability also, as there are more walls and non-opaque structural parts. Still a good ride though, and an interesting view of the city as a whole.

After that we crossed the Victoria Bridge back into the CBD for some chasing down of the sales. I won’t bore with shopping stories, but I will note one frustration….after spending years tracking down a copy of Tank Girl on DVD and finally getting one imported from the US in 2008, guess what I found in the bargain bin of a sale: yep, Tank Girl on DVD for $5! And then, when I was talking to the sales guy about them, it turns out it was in there because they had so many copies that they didn’t all sell. Oh, yeah, scored some sneakers I wasn’t expecting to, down from $130 to $29 so I didn’t think it was appropriate to say no!

Spent the rest of the afternoon cruising looking at the sales. Then met up with Kristian as he finished work, then got picked up from there by Michelle. Tracked down a Thai restaurant finally, and got take-aways. It is incredible how few food places there are in Brisbane. I’m used to being able to walk down the road, or if I really get excited make the call and drive around the corner to pick it up. Here, we ended up being about 15 minutes from home to find a place. And apparently that was not unexpected!! Ah well, a city can’t have everything, and I think Brisbane has a lot of amazing positives.

I’m missing my internet access though. We’re having issues connecting my laptop, so grrr. Only sporadic dashes to grab some emails, and chuck up quick posts like this. Hopefully get to hammer it tomorrow some time in a web cafe to bring myself back up to speed.

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I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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