finally I speak again….

I’ve been sick since last Tuesday, massive head-cold rah-di-rah. I won’t share the gory details though. Made it to work Sunday night finally, after spending the week dodging work and uni (definitely not the most auspicious start to a semester I could imagine!!). I did manage to post a couple of tutorials as you will have seen, because I had them half written and could manage to focus for a few minnutes at a time to edit and post them.

Nothing overly exciting has happened due to being bed-ridden. I feel like a bum though. I made it to church Sunday morning, but once I walked in the heat hit me like a wave, so I had to say my farewells and go home.

Plans for this week are to catch up on readings for uni, and get into my assignments sooner rather than later; especially as one of them was issued last Monday, and it looks straight-forward. Best to get ahead while I can with 5 papers this semester!!
I haven’t been surfing intrawebz or anything so no exciting videos or links to post sorry. I’ll have to see how this week goes in between catching up on uni work.

Just a few comments though:

  • I like the way the police officer in Cambridge has been backed by his superiors and department, even to the point of telling Obama he should apologise. I respect Obama, but I think in this case he spoke too soon without all the facts, as it is now becoming more and more apparent that the officer in question is not likely to be racist – in fact, quite the opposite. He’s trained officers to not show racial bias, and was hand-picked by an African-American superior to do so; and his African-American partner says he did nothing wrong in the arrest….time will tell as the rest of the story comes out, but I think Gates was just trying to blow it all up, and picked the wrong cop to pin the story on.
  • I’m looking forward to getting the chance to play with Google Wave in the near future as time allows. I don’t think it’s going to destroy Twitter etc, but I do think it is going to have a major effect on how the web develops as a whole. Google is definitely stepping into the internet world in bigger and better ways constantly; and unfortunately for the competition, they do it more than well when they do launch so users actually stick around.
  • These are the cops that Obama needs to be berating!! They shoved a taser up a guys a$$ and had a chat about it!! I don’t have much more to say about it, it’s kinda self-explanatory, don’t you think??

That’s about it from me, so there you have it.


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I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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