WTF Apple??

So, following on from my post last week the Apple App Store rejection debacle continues unabated, not just the Google Voice rejections, but other apps too – again with no decent explanation or comment to the developer to allow them to “fix” their problematic app – and now Apple is expecting developers to reimburse customers directly out of their own pockets!! (links herehere, and here). It’s hard to know exactly what to say about this, as common sense does not seem to be a prevalent feature of the issue at present. Everyone except Apple seems to be attempting to bring common sense to the table, however it seems that Apple is desperate to avoid any semblance of the sort, or even to display an irrational logic. At least if they explained their actions and it made no sense, people could comprehend the illogic, but to stay so silent is just ludicrous. The feeling and comment floating around in the intrawebz is not positive towards this part of Apple’s product; and the comments are being actively made that this is a big enough issue to warrant reconsidering Apple products.

Really, I’m just going to add my voice to the masses and request that Apple open the App Store Rule Book and share with the world the dos and don’ts of iPhone App approval. No one is after “Apple secrets” (actually we all are), but it would be nice if people knew where the playing field was located; it would help everyone get on the same field as Apple, then maybe we could all play the same game. I have to quote this comment from a post elsewhere too:

I’d really like to see Google start an ad-campaign for Google Voice that shows all of it’s features and how awesome it is, then goes on to say that ‘there isn’t an app for that’ and to point everyone towards an android phone.
I would love to hear the call that apple would make to Google saying that they have to take down the commercial after they re-approve the app.

Where does this leave us?? I really don’t know yet. Everyone except Apple seems to have an opinion. I still think Apple produces fantastic products (which I still don’t own due to $$$) but their corporate culture seems to be becoming increasingly at odds with both consumer happiness and reality. The only tangible attitude they seem to be displaying is the fiscal chase, as the general perception is that apps are being rejected/removed to satisfy corporate partners (like AT&T); although, again, no one knows for sure.

I started to look at possible iPhone app development myself a while ago (and also BlackBerry too) which hasn’t progressed much as I look at more web app SAAS stuff, but I’m now a little scared. I’m a nobody, and if I invest my time and effort into something I need to be reasonably sure of a pay-off of some sort even if it is just success with a freebie app; that said I need a bit of security and guidance so as to be sure I am not wasting my time and energies (let alone money). As Kevin Duerr of Riverturn says:

We are interested in both the Android and WebOS (Pre) platforms. But at this moment, we have not made any final decisions at all, other than that it would be really hard to continue to invest our own dollars in the iPhone development program for our own apps. We think that we will continue to develop apps for our clients but will strongly caution them that they too could lose their investment if Apple ever decides to pull their app.

Realistically, no matter what Apple does or says at this point, a lot of customers, potential customers, iPhone app developers, and potential iPhone app developers are going to be pushed towards other platforms purely because nobody will ever fully trust Apple again. No one wants to invest in a dictatorship over which they have no control, or even knowledge of what the dictator will do or is doing!

In other stuff (news??), the video I posted here last Monday has really taken off as a viral hit with multiple copies being spawned on YouTube, and it being blogged and posted “everywhere”. It is an awesome, and original, wedding procession and I’m glad the couple in question have been able to share their fun with the world and have it received so well. It looks like they had an excellent day. [Update: it looks like Sony and Chris Brown actually got clever with this video, and instead of being all heavy-handed record company about the music in the video, they have not claimed copyright and instead have just requeted that links back to them at iTunes and Amazon are posted with the video on YouTube. Also Jill and Kevin have set up a website about the video due to it’s amazing uptake – over 13 million views on YouTube!!]

University is now in full swing, with assignments released and all clamouring for attention and servicing. The first wave are all due around the same days, so that should be a bit of fun. I’m aiming to get the first couple knocked out this week in a pre-emptive strike to ensure I don’t get hammered at the end. Totally sorted time management!! I haven’t been trawling the intrawebz over the weekend, so I don’t have a big stack of “fun stuff” to share today. I can’t remeber in I posted this previously, so I’ll do it here: check out, it’s a cool siteshowcasing some cool stuff now and then.

I did get given the first season of HBO’s Entourage in HD and I am now officially an addict. I don’t watch that much TV really (being a g33k on my ‘puter) but this was great. I watched the whole season in one night, and loved it. It’s not the deepest, most intellectually stimulating show, but it is just good fun with some decent scripting and acting to hold it well together. And, Mark Wahlberg is an Executive Producer which doesn’t hurt at all. Anyways, I may have been slow getting into it, but I’m fully into it now. Bring on some moar!

Well, back to the study/assignment work now. So more tomorrow.


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  1. james rogers says:

    this hole google voice thing has been a big fiasco it seems!

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