Dad of the year, and a general update

I’ll start by posting this video a guy who has to be father of the year! Steve Monforto managed to catch a foul ball over the glass up on about the third or fourth tier of Phillies Stadium. He hi-fived and then passed it to his 3 year-old daughter. Watch the vid for what happens next

In his own words:

See, when she first threw it over, you know, I kind of laughed and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, there it goes.’ But then the look on her face was that she may have done something wrong, so I wanted to let her know that … she didn’t do anything wrong

That has got to be the most awesome reaction you could hope for from a Dad, and you can’t fake caring in that split second. So, big hi-five to you Steve. You can also see another story about it here.

In my life, I just sat my CCNA semester 3 final and passed that, so on to semester 4 next week. Also been finalising site. The main functionality is all good, but I’m just sorting out getting the additional libraries and extensions installed at my host to ensure the additional functions all work. PDF creation isn’t natively supported for example. All good, but it all takes time around assignments and tests etc.

I’ve got more ideas on the go too, so hopefully have another site or two up soon. They’re all freebies at the moment; it’s more of an experience and doing it kinda thing, rather than a make lots of $$$ effort. Hey, the web should be free!!

What else to say, I also did my 1,000th tweet today (follow me @camerontwigden). Hopefully people find them interesting, useful, or at least not too boring.

Other than that (and studying), I’m getting geared up a bit for Parachute 2010 already. We’re trying to nail down all the Food Vendor contracts and such by the end of October to enable us to be fully organised before Christmas. It’s going to be a MASSIVE weekend, with it being Parachute Festival’s 20th Birthday!!!

I’ve also just today set up my SocialVibe widget over to the left –> It’s FREE to support, just click the support link and be supportive. Since it’s FREE, you have no excuse not too, so please do. Invisible Children is an awesome charity, and needs every bit of support possible.


next post, my fail, Kanye’s a f%$#tard

First off the bat, I didn’t make it through to Round 2 of CodeJam. The issue I posted about on Saturday reared it’s ugly head again and I kept getting the good old crash due to int not handling 10^18 !! Annoyed me a tad, so I haven’t reviewed my attempts just yet. My small datasets worked perfectly with the identical code, so I’m definitely puzzled. I’ll be posting the code once I have the issue solved. I’ll then be able to point out my epic fail that should have been obvious. Ah well, next year I’ll be back in for more. I’m also contemplating doing it in PHP next time instead of C# because I like the cleanlines of some of the algorithmic features of PHP. I’ve reviewed other competitors solutions in PHP and C# also; the other biggie for me is to review my regular expressions as I don’t use them anywhere near enough, so my code is full of while loops/if-else statements etc.

Moving on, I have to say that Kanye West is a “moustache on a woman” (thanks Paul Henry!!) for his efforts at the VMAs the other night. All the copies of the video keep getting pulled from YouTube, so the best I can offer is this link to mashable. Suffice to say, he’s acting like an arrogant douche and jumps into the middle of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to grab the mic and say he thought Beyonce should win!! He got booed off by the crowd, but even so he needs a big slap upside the head.

The video has also been remixed already too:

Other than that, I’m loving MonoTouch!! It’s an interface and IDE essentially which enables you to run your .NET and ASP applications within the iPhone/iPod Touch framework. From the website:

MonoTouch is the Mono edition for Apple’s iPhone and Apple’s iPod Touch devices.  MonoTouch allows developers to create C# and .NET based applications that run on the iPhone and can take advantage of the iPhone APIs as well as reusing both code and libraries that have been built for .NET as well as existing skills.

For example, here is the proverbial “Hello World” demo. So simple and sweet. I definitely want!

That’s enough for right now, but I’ll bring more later today, as well as some updates on launching site in the next few days. 99% done, just final testing now.

still chasing Round 1 codejam

So, I muffled on Round 1A of codejam, but never fear I had two more attempts to go. Got up at 3.30 this morning, revved myself with Mountain Dew and set o it at 4am….solved my first question in under 30 minutes, so I was feeling kinda groovy about the whole thing. That was the small dataset though, my large dataset attempt crashed immediately which wasn’t pleasant. You only have one chance and 8 minutes for the large dataset, so I was MEH MEH MEH. It was dying due to trying to make an int of a value it felt was too large….this befuddles me a lot as the limits for large data were 0<X<10^20, and type int, long, ulong etc are meant to handle this. I desperately Googled and tried to remedy, but this was to no avail inside the 8 minutes. So, the failboat picked me up on that one. Those points missed meant my place slowly slid down the list throughout the balance of competition from in the 400’s to a stunning sub-1000 placing (top 1000 go through).

Round 1C is tonight at 9pm my time, which is just as I finish work, so I’m making my last attempt then. At least the top 2000 competitors should be out now, so I’m competing against the lower 5000+.

Anyways, lunch with family now, so here’s a few YouTube videos that I love:

quick update: Sen. Al Franken draws US map from memory

I’m busy prepping for Round 1 of Google CodeJam, but I thought I’d quickly post this.

From the blurb:

Senator Al Franken draws a map of all 50 states from memory during an appearance on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midday at the Minnesota State Fair.

This is just plain awesome!!

More goodness later today/tonight. Back to it now.

quick update: download your last 3200 tweets!!

Here’s a little script I found to download your last 3,200 tweets in one shot on a machine with curl installed.

curl -O -u username:password "[1-32]"

Replace username and password as necessary. If your password has a special character like an exclamation point or an ampersand, you’ll have to put a backslash (\) before it.

Twitter only allows you to retrieve your last 3,200 tweets, but that’s better than nothing; and really most of us probably don’t have that many yet….

[Sourced from, he makes which is a very cool tool]

Apple keynote, Google CodeJam, DNS dramas

OK. The DNS issues are now sorted; it turns out that the settings at the NIC end had not propagated out correctly and that took another 24+ hours to remedy. Anyways, I’m now able to get some testing and such started on the live site. At least I was able to FTP all my files via the IP address in the meantime; so, no harm no foul. Nice learning curve anyway getting to play with “normal” web-hosting and dev issues.

Apart from that, the Apple “It’s only Rock n Roll, but I like it” launch was a bit underwhelming I have to say. So we now have an iPod Nano with a camera, but we still don’t have an iPod Touch with a camera??? And, I’m sure Apple has a plan, but most of their clients are right-handed and they put the camera on the back lower left; ie just where a right-hander’s hand will be whenever holding their Nano. I dunno there, maybe Apple R&D is just full of lefties?? Hmmm. Although el Jobbso did discuss this a little with the NY Times, and indicated that they are seeing the iPod Touch as a game platform instead of an iPhone without the phone (an “i” ?), and that as they want to reduce the price-point for it they don’t want to add more hardware all the time.

Google has launched a new, bigger search box!! You can see a comparison pic here, as well as a timeline of the Google homepage over the years here. I see a movie in the making: “Search Wars”, or maybe “The Pirates of Mountain View”, or even “Google – the pre-Bing years” as a tele-drama. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Microsoft/Yahoo! changes the search market with Bing.

I’m still waiting to hear what’s up with CodeJam for the next round. I haven’t had an email, or been able to find any updates on the site, but I’ve now emailed asking as Round 1 begins in 48 hours or so from now. No stress, but it would be nice to know when I’m actually competing. I’m hoping for Round 1A, as that is at 13:00 Saturday for me, as opposed to being at 04:00 Sunday (not a pleasant thought!!). [Update – just as I went to post, Google has replied to me already. They are letting everyone compete in all three sub-rounds until they qualify. I like prompt service!!]

[Updated update!! – It turns out that the info above regarding Round 1 has not yet been released! So, you heard it here first. Google will be announcing this and emailing it out to qualifiers in about 24 hours time. YAY!! My first exclusive!!]

No YouTube for you today, but I will again tomorrow. I guess the best thing for you to do instead is to go check out engadget live from the Microsoft Windows Media Center event. Go to it!

[an untitled post]

I spent the first few hours this morning doing some gardening; mainly just planting and hanging those lovely straw planter baskets. Then it was into uni to hunker down and work on my ANZIIF assignment. Still on it now, but needed a little break from it all. Also trying to sort out domain resolution for the new site. Being that my domain broker is not my host (I normally do it all through FreeParking) because of restrictions on sellers for .sh domains, I’m just trying to get feedback as to where exactly to point the domain at. Not a biggie, but everything takes time. [Update – it turns out I was correct the whole time, it was just that the DNS records didn’t propagate out properly, so now waiting to find out if the fix at their end works….]

Gonna catch up with Chancho-Wancho this afternoon for coffee, and then I’m finally getting to make it to see G.I. Joe this evening. Oh, yeah!! It came out right in the middle of my manic test and assignment season, so I had to delay until now. Same as my birthday actually, I finally got round to having dinner for that last night. But the wait was worth it, getting to catch up with good friends in a nice chilled and relaxed environment.

That’s about it for now, but I might get inspired with other stuff later today.