quick update: help a guy get surgery…

OK. Here it is. There’s a guy in Hamilton, who I don’t know from a bar of soap, but he needs an operation which he can’t afford. A company called Gallaghers is stepping up to the plate, and have offered to donate $1 for every Twitter follower @patsradio has within the next three weeks. Basically the way it works is:

Cost to you = 0; benefit to the guy = his life!!

The website/blog is here.

If you don’t follow @patsradio, then at least have the guts to post a comment on here telling the world how awesome and brilliant your reason for not doing so is. And, if you don’t have a Twitter account, what better excuse is there for joining??


About Cameron
I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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