Apple keynote, Google CodeJam, DNS dramas

OK. The DNS issues are now sorted; it turns out that the settings at the NIC end had not propagated out correctly and that took another 24+ hours to remedy. Anyways, I’m now able to get some testing and such started on the live site. At least I was able to FTP all my files via the IP address in the meantime; so, no harm no foul. Nice learning curve anyway getting to play with “normal” web-hosting and dev issues.

Apart from that, the Apple “It’s only Rock n Roll, but I like it” launch was a bit underwhelming I have to say. So we now have an iPod Nano with a camera, but we still don’t have an iPod Touch with a camera??? And, I’m sure Apple has a plan, but most of their clients are right-handed and they put the camera on the back lower left; ie just where a right-hander’s hand will be whenever holding their Nano. I dunno there, maybe Apple R&D is just full of lefties?? Hmmm. Although el Jobbso did discuss this a little with the NY Times, and indicated that they are seeing the iPod Touch as a game platform instead of an iPhone without the phone (an “i” ?), and that as they want to reduce the price-point for it they don’t want to add more hardware all the time.

Google has launched a new, bigger search box!! You can see a comparison pic here, as well as a timeline of the Google homepage over the years here. I see a movie in the making: “Search Wars”, or maybe “The Pirates of Mountain View”, or even “Google – the pre-Bing years” as a tele-drama. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Microsoft/Yahoo! changes the search market with Bing.

I’m still waiting to hear what’s up with CodeJam for the next round. I haven’t had an email, or been able to find any updates on the site, but I’ve now emailed asking as Round 1 begins in 48 hours or so from now. No stress, but it would be nice to know when I’m actually competing. I’m hoping for Round 1A, as that is at 13:00 Saturday for me, as opposed to being at 04:00 Sunday (not a pleasant thought!!). [Update – just as I went to post, Google has replied to me already. They are letting everyone compete in all three sub-rounds until they qualify. I like prompt service!!]

[Updated update!! – It turns out that the info above regarding Round 1 has not yet been released! So, you heard it here first. Google will be announcing this and emailing it out to qualifiers in about 24 hours time. YAY!! My first exclusive!!]

No YouTube for you today, but I will again tomorrow. I guess the best thing for you to do instead is to go check out engadget live from the Microsoft Windows Media Center event. Go to it!

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