here I am again

Very silly story, but I installed Windows 7 over the past week, and when I finally got time to come back online and blog I had forgotten my password (yep, dumba$$!!). Then I realised I had set my email address for this blog to one I haven’t used for a while….finally got into there, and here I am.

So, I launched finally yesterday. It’s my URL shortening service, with a whole lot of statistical reporting to come. It’s a fully running, however the reporting and graphing features need a bit of tweaking as my host has different settings than I was expecting. They will change them, but for $130/hour I figured I could just re-code a bit of stuff. That’s all getting done as I get the chance when assignments and exams allow. The API is coming soon too.

I had my ANZIIF exam last week, and that went really well I think. Just waiting for marks now. IEEE Extreme Coding is next weekend (24th and 25th), so that’ll be a bit of fun too.

YouTube vids later today.


About Cameron
I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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