end of semester

I suppose I’d better make the time to post something again, since lecturers have officially ended for the semester. Now it’s just study hard for exams over the next few weeks. All over by mid-November though. Looking forward to that first cold beer in the sun with no more study to do.

Here’s a major stuff-up by a reporter…she’s definitely NOT talking to Al Sharpton…..

I’ve redone my Windows 7 desktop over the last few days also. Used some funky software from a variety of sources, all free!! As a base for everything, I wanted to totally minimise the appearance of my desktop. To start with I removed all icons from my desktop (right-click on desktop -> Personalise -> Change Desktop Icons -> uncheck all boxes), and then set the taskbar to autohide (right-click taskbar -> Properties -> check “Autohide the Taskbar”). I then installed RocketDock to replace it. To this I also added the Stack Docklet plug-in. The result of these two installations is an expanding taskbar similar in performance to the Mac taskbar (RocketDock) which also serves up grouped programs in “stacks” (Stack Docklet).

RocketDock is created by an Apple fanboy and fangirl on OS X as a peace offering from the Mac community to PC users.

I have changed the default icon set to Reflections by styrizo that turns the normal icons into small text icons.  Installing this is simple.  You can either copy over the new icons files into the directory with the current ones and overwrite; or, do what I’ve done and create a new folder in the icons folder, and then point each docklet or link to an icon in this folder (it MUST be a sub-folder of the icons folder!!). The Reflection Icons come in two variants to allow for the coloring of your desktop and bar. You can either use the “light” or “dark” icons. These are slightly mis-named as the category refers to the background, not the icons; ie the dark icons are essentially white, for use on a dark background.

I have seen a few useful minimalist widgets out there, such as a vertical calendar application. It is run using AveDesk 1.4.  Basically this allows you to use sidebar like widgets all over your desktop.  I only use the SysStats plugin (which is a separate download) and the vertical calendar download from the Avedesk website. The SysStats plugin I’m only using because the vertical calendar requires it to run. I don’t actually display the stats at all.

AveDesk is not FreeWare, it is instead DonationWare; what this means is that if you use the product regularly you are required to donate towards it.

So, what I’ve ended up with is an almost totally empty desktop. with only a slim minimalist calendar down one side, and  a Mac-like taskbar curled up along the bottom. I’ll post some screenshots later today, or tomorrow.

Just thought I’d end with this gun-safety fail that’s been featured on the news. The first video is just the short funny part, the second is the “extended” version with more context.


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I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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