quick update – what I’ve been up to

Well, obviously, I’ve been knocking out quite a few tutorials over the past week or so, but not so much about moi. Basically, I’ve been working hard and prepping for interviews. A couple of promising leads ahead, with possible offers due in from a few options in the next week or two. I have some opinions about which I want, or don’t; but I’m waiting for paper before I decide.

Last weekend, as I posted, I was down in Napier for the wedding of my good friends Hamish and Julie. It was a great day, and the weather held absolutely perfect for all of Saturday. I’m yet to post photos to facebook, but I will this weekend as soon as I get some decent internet time. My blogging recently has been in offline mode, with updating when connected.

Looking forward to Easter weekend, with some gardening and chores, but mainly chilling out and relaxing; as well as ongoing interview prep and reading. Also attempting to keep my various languages active, so I’ll probably focus on XML and C# over the weekend. Clash of the Titans is out today, so I may make it to the cinema for that also.

No-one’s announced iPad availability in New Zealand yet either, so it’s just a waiting game here. At least none of the telcos have announced a bundled deal yet either, which is great as that’ll just destroy half the point of it. Still hoping Apple sells it directly un-contracted, so we can actually use it as intended.

Anyway, no major developments in my life this week, just the ongoing job hunt really. I’ve got a couple more PHP tutorials to post, and then I’ll deal to a few others in various languages.

About Cameron
I'm a final year Computer Science/Information Systems major. Already finished my BA in Politics/Philosophy. I do web and software freelance on the side, while I finish studying. Hoping to be self-employed by the end of my degree, otherwise off into the real-world I go....

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