Google working on Search As You Type

Google has been testing search results that will change in real time as you type into your Google Search box. When you start typing, the search box is moved to the top of the page and results are updated as you type, kind of like a Firefox page search, Spotlight on the Mac, or Windows 7’s “Search programs and files” field in the start menu.

These live search results are not available to the public at present as Google regularly tests new features with very small selections of users. Some of those features never see a public launch, but some do.

It is, honestly, anyone’s guess as to what the benefit of such results would be. The question that ultimately comes to mind, as noted by TechCrunch, is what effect this would have on keyword-based advertising. Given that the entire context of a word can change based on a few letters, it leads to an interesting outcome when your search changes that quickly; but, Google does make its money by displaying contextual ads based on your searches.

Blogger Rob Ousbey discovered the feature and wrote about it. Video follows.


(via Mashable)

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