some people need to get a life

So, this ad is filmed and it has “some” innuendo in it (hey, it’s an ad about erectile dysfunction), now the female actor has been kicked out of her church for being in it. I thought a Sunday would be the best day to post this, as it seems to highlight the lack of humor present in some churches these days, as well as a lack of forgiveness (if that is required here).

Honestly, there was nothing naughty in the ad, I would say it would be best screened after 7pm or thereabouts to avoid the youngest viewers, but it is all innuendo and risque humor only.

Kinda like the outcry over Cee-Lo’s song “F-you”. So many parents complaining because their kids are hearing this lyric ad it may encourage them to swear (true!!), but I also find it hypocritical as these parents have not been heard complaining about the amount of sexual proclivity required by current music, about the encouragement of 12 year-old (and younger) girls to dress much older than they are in most entertainment genres, or about a myriad of other things. Yes, some parents have spoken out about these things, but nowhere near the clamor that “F-you” has received.

I think this picture sums it up:

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