C# stacks without libraries

Been having a bit of fun last night. A job I’ve applied for needs a code sample – fine. What they’ve asked for is the implementation of a Stack class in C# – fine. Two of the conditions though are:

  • Important: Do not use or reference the namespaces “System.Collections” and “System.Collections.Generic” or any element contained in them.
  • Consider making your implementation as versatile as possible while staying typesafe.

You know, System.Collections, is that namespace that contains and implements Stacks. And, to be typesafe, generics would be the obvious use-case solution. I’ve had a bit of fun, and that’s all sorted now. Kinda cool actually, having to get right back to nothing and build something that we take for granted in daily coding.

I will post the code here as an edit in a few weeks time. Just going to wait until the process is over; a) so I don’t give it away to other applicants, and b) so I don’t get in any trouble with whoever the company is. Especially as some people have tried to get it answered for them online (here and here).


The next Angry Birds update – Mighty Eagle!

After a long wait, the Mighty Eagle is almost here! This legendary and mysterious bird will be included in the next Angry Birds update, due to be released in the next few days. The update includes 15 levels in a hot new desert themed episode, Ham ‘Em High, with a brand new shiny golden egg, and all the usual goodies we love to see from Angry Birds.

The Mighty Eagle is downloadable content. If you get stuck in the game, you have the opportunity to purchase a can of sardines, which you use to lure out the elusive Mighty Eagle. This phenomenal creature will the soar from the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion!

Mighty Eagle will help you skip the toughest obstacles, but there’s a limit: you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level once per hour. In other words, when you pass a level with Mighty Eagle, you need to wait an hour to use him again to pass another level.

Is that all? Far from it! Mighty Eagle includes all new gameplay goals and achievements! In each level that you already cleared using the regular birds, you can smash away freely and try to fill up the destruction gauge! If you want to smash your way through every level leaving nothing behind, you have every incentive to do so!

Mighty Eagle is an in-app purchase in Angry Birds and costs $0.99/£0.59/€0.79NZ$1.29 to download.

Here’s a sneak peek

[text from Angry Birds press release]