Snowpocalypse (including dumbest NYC workers yet)

So, the #snowpocalypse hit New York, and shut the city down for a while (lucky it wasn’t London, or a while could mean a month or two). Best video I’ve seen is this one by Michael Black showing 20 hours of blizzard in 1 frame per 5 minutes time-lapse glory. There’s also the one below by WNYCradio:

Biggest back-slap for stupidity and absolute CBF-ness goes to these NYC Sanitation workers for the effort below to destroy a Ford Explorer:


New job time

Well, the searching and interviewing has finally paid off, with a new role for me come the New Year. I’ve just completed my last shift with IAG, and am now on my Christmas leave. In January I start my new employment with Prism Software as a Software Engineer/Developer which is very exciting. No more hunting for jobs now; which means I can actually kick back and enjoy my Christmas break. Oh, yeah, and do wedding planning. I’m definitely looking forward to the New Year and being able to get my head stuck into some serious coding and development work.
It’s been a bit of a sad day today though, it really is like leaving a family as I step out into the “unknown”. There are people I’ve grown close to and worked side-by-side with for years now. We’ll stay in touch, but it’s never quite the same. The cliché is true though; when one door closes, another opens. Ah well, my inner geek about to come shining through.

The Mighty Eagle has landed

A Mighty Eagle came swooping in last night (NZ time) and landed on my iPad. The next update to Angry Birds (I blogged about it here) from Chillingo and Rovio just hit us in time for Christmas. It’s brought us 15 new levels of Ham ‘Em High goodness and a new feature, Mighty Eagle, as an in-app purchase. Mighty Eagle effectively acts a nuclear bomber destroying all pigs and clearing the level for you. It does not gain you stars, or clear any of the bonus objects or golden eggs – you still have to do these yourself. It is a great feature though if you’re totally stuck on a level and just can’t get to that last pesky pig and move on through the game.

I’ll update more once I’ve had a better chance to play with it.