quick update – checking out Posterous

I just started testing out Posterous last night. Posterous is a site that launched in 2008 allowing you to post content simultaneously to multiple social media sites by email.

As they say themselves:

You can attach almost any document or link and Posterous will format it for you correctly and even embed the players if necessary. If you have multiple photos, it’ll even automatically create a gallery and reformat the pictures for online viewing, while retaining the full scale photos so that others can download them.

We launched Posterous in July 2008 because we loved sharing thoughts, photos and videos with our friends and family, but we didn’t like how hard it was.

So we decided to make sharing as easy as sending an email.

Since then, we’ve grown steadily by adding added fun, new ways to share while keeping to our original pledge of simplicity.


Today, I’m experimenting with posting to WordPress from email through Posterous.  If you tweet, this is also an easy way to post content that is longer than 140 characters, add photos, etc. and have it all in one place. This is helpful, especially when posting from your smartphone (which I am about to get once New Zealand has some iPhone4 stock!!). Currently, my tweets are texted to Twitter and my Facebook status is updated via API from WordPress and TwitterNoe, one email can knock all of this out for me.
Also, I have the option to post selectively to each of the services you’ve added — just by modifying the email address you send to (i.e., twitter@posterous.com for a tweet vs. twitter+facebook@posterous.com for selective post to twitter and facebook only vs. post@posterous.com for everything).
I’m going to try out Posterous for a few weeks and see what happens.



let’s try this again

Well, time to try this email posting trick again. Aiming to make the delay work this time, going for days in case it was the time differences between me in NZ and the servers in US; ie their time + 1 hour is still 11 hours behind me….

We shall see.

Well, [delay +2 days] didn’t work fully. It set the date correctly (I emailed this Friday afternoon), but posted immediately with the date set in the future….

just a quick trial of ‘post by email’

Well, this is just a quick post trialling the new “post by email” functionality of wordpress. I’m going to attempt to use some of the “advanced” features too:

  • including categories in the post (using shortcodes no less)
  • setting a delay in the post 
  • setting comments on or off

We’ll see how this goes then. I’ll throw in an attached video as well. This one’s kinda amazing, the commentator doesn’t even change tone as he watches this accident happen!!

Edit: the vid didn’t embed through email, so I’ve fixed it here, sending vids will be a work in progress then. Overall, I’m liking the feature though!

Ah, well, that’s enough fun and games, back to the assignments.


  • [delay +1 hour] didn’t work, I’ll keep fiddling with that. I copied it straight from the tutorial blog…hmmm.
  • Video posting didn’t embed either, don’t know if gmail stripped the tags and “cleaned” it for emailing, or whether I need more shortcodes or something.
  • the timestamp came out all wrong too, it stuck with email received time in US, not the time the blog’s set to (NZ time). Solution – manually edit later when I get back online.