I think the picture says it all really

Stephanie Abrams does it again

And, in the gymnastics section of weather reporting today, we have Stephanie Abrams with a triple double entendre totally obliterating the competition.

[thanks to BuzzFeed for pointing this one out]

I guess this kid wants to be a soldier

This is a very cute video of a little boy, who obviously wants to be a soldier (don’t all little boys?). This is filmed at a Swedish castle. I have to say the actual Swedish guard deserve full props for going along with it so well.

drinking on the job

This is how to get fired in Finland apparently. Me, I just think it’s funny (although there may be more history to his firing), but his bosses didn’t and he lost his job.

sexy tie

Just sharing a picture of the tie I wore to work yesterday. It’s from Genetics Australia, and was given out at a pharmaceutical conference a few years ago. Found it lurking in the wardrobe over the weekend, and needed to give it a spin.


The best part is, it looks totally normal at first viewing, and it isn’t until someone stops to take a proper look that they realise what they are looking at. I did have one colleague literally ROFL. She hit the floor and curled up with laughter!!

brilliant acceptance speech

Well, Paul Henry has had much more than his share of controversy this year for his comments on air, but his acceptance speech for the New Idea People’s Choice Award takes the cake. Sheer brilliance!!