this should be cool

Yogi Bear is all set to hit our screens in 3D at Christmas this year, should be a good ol’ hoot and take us back to the days of our youth (and beyond).


Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake as Yogi and Boo Boo. Nice!!


the Firebreather

Michigan-based Exxodus Pictures is a production company with a new film coming out: JINN by filmmaker Ajmal Zaheer. For they movie they have designed and built the Firebreather in conjunction with Classic Design Concepts. Based on the Camaro, the Firebreather (US$60,000) is as close as you’re going to come to a 2011 Firebird, without getting sued for violating GM design patents. It comes with a supercharged Edelbrock 6.2L V8 good for 599 rear-wheel horses, a custom interior, and custom 20-inch wheels.


It even has it’s own Facebook page.

quick update – what I’ve been up to

Well, obviously, I’ve been knocking out quite a few tutorials over the past week or so, but not so much about moi. Basically, I’ve been working hard and prepping for interviews. A couple of promising leads ahead, with possible offers due in from a few options in the next week or two. I have some opinions about which I want, or don’t; but I’m waiting for paper before I decide.

Last weekend, as I posted, I was down in Napier for the wedding of my good friends Hamish and Julie. It was a great day, and the weather held absolutely perfect for all of Saturday. I’m yet to post photos to facebook, but I will this weekend as soon as I get some decent internet time. My blogging recently has been in offline mode, with updating when connected.

Looking forward to Easter weekend, with some gardening and chores, but mainly chilling out and relaxing; as well as ongoing interview prep and reading. Also attempting to keep my various languages active, so I’ll probably focus on XML and C# over the weekend. Clash of the Titans is out today, so I may make it to the cinema for that also.

No-one’s announced iPad availability in New Zealand yet either, so it’s just a waiting game here. At least none of the telcos have announced a bundled deal yet either, which is great as that’ll just destroy half the point of it. Still hoping Apple sells it directly un-contracted, so we can actually use it as intended.

Anyway, no major developments in my life this week, just the ongoing job hunt really. I’ve got a couple more PHP tutorials to post, and then I’ll deal to a few others in various languages.

back online again, so here’s a post

Since my last post last Thursday, I have qualified for Round 1 of Google codejam!! Awesome, and now I’m just waiting to hear if I get my first or second choice for my Round 1. I’m hoping for 01:00 UTC Saturday, as this is 13:00 Saturday for me which is kinda conducive to being alert and onto it. otherwise my second choice is 04:00 Sunday (my time) as the only other option I have is 21:00 Sunday (my time) while I am still at work. I’m hoping the 01:00 UTC is not pleasant for most of the rest of the world so I don’t get bumped out of it….

Other than that, I spent Friday finishing codejam qualifying in the morning, and then went to work for the rest of the day. I have seriously never been so tired, I didn’t realise how draining intense coding and screen-staring could be. Saturday AM Naomi and I went to the French farmers market in Parnell for coffee, croissants, and veges – as well as the divine stuffed olives and mini-peppers. Also got some free-range chicken, and planned the menu for a dinner party in a few weeks time. Sampled some absolutely delicious aged balsamic, 10 year-old and soooo sweet. We didn’t get to “sample” the 25 year-old, as that is $190 for a 200ml bottle!

After that cruisy start to the morning, we went back to mine for a few hours while I did some gardening for an agent viewing during the week. Then went to Naomi’s to fix her bike and have dinner, before finally making it to see Inglourious Basterds!! Fantastic movie. Brad Pritt was brilliant as a slightly cuckoo, yet totally debonaire Nazi-killer. He uses his smile so well.

Sunday was church, and then Fathers’ Day lunch for Naomi’s dad, then work. (How’s that for an entire day in 13 words??).

Today, I’m back into siting at varsity (even though it’s mid-semester break) and working on assignments. First one is my ANZIIF (Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance) module assignment as this is due on Wednesday evening. I did discover a few cool videos over the weekend too, so they’re here:

We’ll start with Tiesto himself, beautiful track. I love watching him mix, just brilliant.

And, there’s so much parkour to show, but I’ve settled on this race between a Peugeot 207 and some free runners courtesy of Top Gear

This is just ridiculous….how to show that you are just a bunch of red-neck biggots.

At the Norwalk town hall meeting on health care, Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04) takes question in Spanish from Stamord Bishop Emilio Alvarez. Himes was born in Peru and is fluent in Spanish. The anti-health care people in the crowd display their racism quite clearly

Ok, another from Tiesto, ’cause it’s a classic anthem

That’s about it, but I’ll probably post later today with some comments about the state of the world and so on. And maybe even some more wisdom and insight into possibilities for this Wednesday, you know that uber date in every fanboi’s calendar, September 9th – Apple’s next big announcement.

quick update: Robert de Niro’s screen-test for The Godfather

I just stumbled over Robert de Niro’s screen-test to play Sonny in The Godfather. Francis Ford Coppola had him audition….

first post for August…..

Here’s my first post for August. Found this cool list of 20 technothriller tropes we hope never to see again on Built a new site over the weekend, just getting the PHP/XML linking back to the other site I’ve been doing. So now I’ve got two to launch in the next week or two. Fun times to be had by all!!

Assignments are starting to be released at uni now, so the workload is actually beginning to kick in. Not too bad though, but it means I need to focus on that instead of fun projects. Ah, well.

Time to check out the beginnings of the Iron Man 2 hype here. That’s the Stark Industries website. Also, I just won tickets to GI Joe, so I guess I’ll be checking it out soon. Hopefully it lives up to the hype and isn’t destroyed by Hollywood marketing crap. GI Joe is an icon of our generation, so I’m hoping the movie gives it the respect it deserves and doesn’t turn it to $#@&. Hey, they made Iron Man work, so there is still hope.

I have a few opinions about various stuff that’s been going on, but I can’t be bothered pulling it all together now. So, I’ll do a big post tomorrow to catch up on my ranting and opinionating.

Peace, out.