quick update: haven’t posted for two weeks

I finally had a chance to come near here today, and realised that I hadn’t posted for a fortnight! It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, I’ve just had way too much on at work, uni, with ANZIIF coming up, and starting to prep for Parachute Festival in January. Uni has been “nicely” full-on recently, with the usual (and then some) dramas over assignments etc. Being in my final semester, I’ve allowed myself to become a little more vocal in raising and discussing issues as they occur. I’ve lost that desire to not annoy lecturers who may be over me later on in my course, and actually demand that they act/perform appropriately. It’s only been in one case (which I can’t discuss at the moment), but I figured that with 200 students  each paying between $600 and $3000 for the paper, there should be some accountability and responsiveness to issues raise by the entire class. Suffice to say, the HOD agrees too so enough of that.

It’s pretty much been an assignment or test every day for the past while; but I did get an impressive 83% in by IS written test. Two of the five short essays got 10/10, so I was quite happy. Don’t know the relativity of this yet, but from the sounds of talking to the tutor the class didn’t fare that well. Awesome!!

I’ll chuck a YouTube video in here:

Came across the guys at 37Signals doing some great PR. They pulled off a market valuation of $100 billion by selling 0.000000001% of the company for US$1. Very clever and awesome move really.

I’ll have to do a full post later today or tomorrow (possibly even get it written at work tonight), but I wanted to at least post something sooner rather than later since I hadn’t for a while.


Dad of the year, and a general update

I’ll start by posting this video a guy who has to be father of the year! Steve Monforto managed to catch a foul ball over the glass up on about the third or fourth tier of Phillies Stadium. He hi-fived and then passed it to his 3 year-old daughter. Watch the vid for what happens next

In his own words:

See, when she first threw it over, you know, I kind of laughed and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, there it goes.’ But then the look on her face was that she may have done something wrong, so I wanted to let her know that … she didn’t do anything wrong

That has got to be the most awesome reaction you could hope for from a Dad, and you can’t fake caring in that split second. So, big hi-five to you Steve. You can also see another story about it here.

In my life, I just sat my CCNA semester 3 final and passed that, so on to semester 4 next week. Also been finalising site. The main functionality is all good, but I’m just sorting out getting the additional libraries and extensions installed at my host to ensure the additional functions all work. PDF creation isn’t natively supported for example. All good, but it all takes time around assignments and tests etc.

I’ve got more ideas on the go too, so hopefully have another site or two up soon. They’re all freebies at the moment; it’s more of an experience and doing it kinda thing, rather than a make lots of $$$ effort. Hey, the web should be free!!

What else to say, I also did my 1,000th tweet today (follow me @camerontwigden). Hopefully people find them interesting, useful, or at least not too boring.

Other than that (and studying), I’m getting geared up a bit for Parachute 2010 already. We’re trying to nail down all the Food Vendor contracts and such by the end of October to enable us to be fully organised before Christmas. It’s going to be a MASSIVE weekend, with it being Parachute Festival’s 20th Birthday!!!

I’ve also just today set up my SocialVibe widget over to the left –> It’s FREE to support, just click the support link and be supportive. Since it’s FREE, you have no excuse not too, so please do. Invisible Children is an awesome charity, and needs every bit of support possible.