back online again, so here’s a post

Since my last post last Thursday, I have qualified for Round 1 of Google codejam!! Awesome, and now I’m just waiting to hear if I get my first or second choice for my Round 1. I’m hoping for 01:00 UTC Saturday, as this is 13:00 Saturday for me which is kinda conducive to being alert and onto it. otherwise my second choice is 04:00 Sunday (my time) as the only other option I have is 21:00 Sunday (my time) while I am still at work. I’m hoping the 01:00 UTC is not pleasant for most of the rest of the world so I don’t get bumped out of it….

Other than that, I spent Friday finishing codejam qualifying in the morning, and then went to work for the rest of the day. I have seriously never been so tired, I didn’t realise how draining intense coding and screen-staring could be. Saturday AM Naomi and I went to the French farmers market in Parnell for coffee, croissants, and veges – as well as the divine stuffed olives and mini-peppers. Also got some free-range chicken, and planned the menu for a dinner party in a few weeks time. Sampled some absolutely delicious aged balsamic, 10 year-old and soooo sweet. We didn’t get to “sample” the 25 year-old, as that is $190 for a 200ml bottle!

After that cruisy start to the morning, we went back to mine for a few hours while I did some gardening for an agent viewing during the week. Then went to Naomi’s to fix her bike and have dinner, before finally making it to see Inglourious Basterds!! Fantastic movie. Brad Pritt was brilliant as a slightly cuckoo, yet totally debonaire Nazi-killer. He uses his smile so well.

Sunday was church, and then Fathers’ Day lunch for Naomi’s dad, then work. (How’s that for an entire day in 13 words??).

Today, I’m back into siting at varsity (even though it’s mid-semester break) and working on assignments. First one is my ANZIIF (Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance) module assignment as this is due on Wednesday evening. I did discover a few cool videos over the weekend too, so they’re here:

We’ll start with Tiesto himself, beautiful track. I love watching him mix, just brilliant.

And, there’s so much parkour to show, but I’ve settled on this race between a Peugeot 207 and some free runners courtesy of Top Gear

This is just ridiculous….how to show that you are just a bunch of red-neck biggots.

At the Norwalk town hall meeting on health care, Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04) takes question in Spanish from Stamord Bishop Emilio Alvarez. Himes was born in Peru and is fluent in Spanish. The anti-health care people in the crowd display their racism quite clearly

Ok, another from Tiesto, ’cause it’s a classic anthem

That’s about it, but I’ll probably post later today with some comments about the state of the world and so on. And maybe even some more wisdom and insight into possibilities for this Wednesday, you know that uber date in every fanboi’s calendar, September 9th – Apple’s next big announcement.


the next post (but, not the last….)

First off, I have to mention these guys. I’ve never met them, never tasted their stuff, but I love their attitude!! Plonk is a couple of guys (3 of them) in Bozeman, Montana who wanted to do something different, but decent with wine. You can even follow them on twitter. I like their style, I like their class, and I would love to like their wine….

In other news I’ve been looking around, and while mootools is a GREAT javascript toolkit, I’ve just discovered dojo. It looks pretty awesome, and is even able to be linked from aol ( “” ) or the googleapis ( “” ) site, meaning less install on your server, but with the obvious demand to be placed on the client connection. Just insert one of those links into your .js script call in your header.

Hmmm, what else?? I still love PHP, but I’m looking forward to exams being over, so I can have a decent play with Joomla, drupal, and osCommerce. Yep, I’m a geek. Just give me a decent red, or a cheeky sav, and I can code ’til the end of days. LOLZ!!

Nothing too exciting today, but I’ll leave you with this tid-bit to tide you over ’til I next burst forth into verbosity….let’s just say that I miss the Eighties!!! This one’s for Victor….and me….