some vids to check

Just some picks of rofl vids I’ve checked in the past few weeks.

I’ve favourited more on my YouTube channel.


here I am again

Well, here’s a sight for sore eyes….a new update. Much has been happening in the last wee while, and not much online time. I had my graduation Friday week ago (7th May) and that was AWESOME!! I’ll be posting some photos, once I get the digitals of those who had cameras. I am now officially qualified with my BA (Politics and Philosophy) and BSc (Information Systems and Computer Science). The job hunt is in full swing at present. I’ve kept coming very close 2nd at quite a few opportunities, which is getting rather frustrating I have to say. Trying to head towards a Business Analyst role, which is easier said than done. I’ve even had consultants tell me I’d be perfect with my background and previous roles; but everyone still wants 3-5 years experience. I seem to be the only one who spots the oxymoronic nature of this – that you need 3-5 years experience to get the job, but you need the job to get the 3-5 years experience. I’m keeping my search broad at present, looking down the support role and other similar roles to get in the door.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of coding though, but offline at work. Mainly PHP and MySQL, but also keeping up on my Java and C# with re-learning Objective-C for good measure. Mainly working on a little (or, not so little if all goes well) web application of mine, as is running along smoothly these days. I’ll be opening the API for shortly though.

I’ll do a 2nd post with some YouTube vids etc in a few minutes. Also, I’ve roughed up quite a few tuts over the last while, so there’ll be a bit of a flurry of tutorial posts in the next few days.