Long-board ‘idiot’ makes the news

Bit of a tanty going on over here in New Zealand today. The New Zealand Herald reports that some Canadian long-board riders were very naughty…(Long-board ‘idiot’ hurtles down Bombay Hills) because they “overtook a truck-and-trailer unit at up to 100km/h” on a downhill. Now, I’ve watched the video (posted below), and I agree they were going bloody fast, but knowing the stretch of road they were on, and based on the fact that the truck overtakes them a minute later on the same downhill (so the long-boarders haven’t slowed yet) I’m pretty sure the truck would only have been doing about 60km/h at the time.

It all came to light when the original video was posted on the facebook page of one of the boarders.

Anyways, they look pretty skilled and experienced, and they are travelling the world long-boarding, so I’m thinking the media should be more focussed on the important issues; instead of scandalising and hyping this. What are the chances that some inexperienced, newbie long-boarder gives it a go now and wipes out?? Hmm, food for thought.


roadtrip weekend

I’ve been on a roadtrip for the last three days. Headed down to Napier on Friday, before spending all of Saturday enjoying the privilege of being at my good friends Hamish and Julie’s wedding and celebration, and then driving back to Auckland today.

I need to acknowledge how good looking Hamish is, and I think the best way to express this is with a photo:


Yabba Dabba Doo!! Julie is one lucky lady!

The weather was perfect yesterday, with brilliant sunshine before, during and after the wedding; then for the pre-reception drinks in an olive grove, before dinner in the vineyard restaurant. Fabulous time was had by all. I’ll post and link some more photos of the actual day, once my internets is working properly.